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Orangutan Tours – Explore The Biodiverse Tanjung Putting National Park

Orangutan Tours - Explore The Biodiverse Tanjung Putting National Park

Some would say that Indonesia is already one giant national park, split into thousands of islands. And that’s basically true, but as travelers, we often seek specific goals. And if discovering unprecedented biodiversity and wildlife in its natural habitat is one, then you are more than welcome to Tanjung Puting National Park! It is a massive national park in Indonesia situated in the southeast of West Kotawaringin Regency in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan. The closest main city is the capital, Pangkalan Bun. The park is also famous for its strong orangutan conservation and high-quality Orangutan tours.

Stunning Geography & Important Preservation

The stunning geography of the Tanjung National Park is comprised of a massive 416,040 hectares. Within those numbers you will find forests of unique compositions such as peat swamp forestheath forest, mangrove and coastal beach forest alongside dryland dipterocarp forest. These incredible forests The Kumai River forms the northern border of the park.

Unfortunately, approximately 65% of the park’s primary forest has been degraded and the loss of natural habitat is the ultimate threat to fascinating wildlife and Orangutans. But, there’s always another side of the coin, as Friends of National Parks Foundation, an Indonesian NGO has been working hard to help restore the habitat in various regions of the park since 1997. By traveling here, and coming to the park as a peaceful visitor or a member of one of the Orangutan Tours, you will always contribute to the preservation and a good cause.

Extraordinary Biodiversity & Ecology

The extraordinary biodiversity and ecology led to the birth of multiple research centers that have been established to study and rehabilitate orangutans as well as other primates. Camp Leakey, founded in 1971 was the first of these centers.

This is the place where Dr. Birute Galdikas began her career and studies of the behavior of rescued and orphaned orangutans. Not only they were studied and rescued, but also reintroduced into the wild with her being featured on National Geographic later in the future for her works that are unmatched in value to the natural world and orangutans. The Pondok Ambung Tropical Forest Research Station was also established in the park during the year 2005 for the purpose of studying all wild species between the boundaries of the Tanjung Putting National Park.

All of this proves, that the national park is a vast incredible arena, where many call home and critical habitat for dozens of living beings. That includes many creatures beyond orangutans, with species such as sambar deer, gibbons, clouded leopards, sun bearswild boars and many more inhabiting lush grounds of Tanjung Putting.

And what about those sometimes mean reptiles? From crocodiles to monitor lizards, and pythons, except nothing less than spectacular biodiversity here.

Let the Orangutan Tour Showcase Park’s Glory

The exotic jungle and tremendous wilderness lead to rising of tourism and hospitality. With many people visiting the park from all over the world, for most visitors, one of the largest tropical rainforests on the planet harboring so many wild animals is an unfamiliar and rather extreme landscape. That’s why various tours were born, with a highlight and most popular being the Orangutan Tour. Let it the tour become the focal point of your trip and showcase the park’s glory and incredible beauty, a work of a million years of evolution and nature.

Let all the worries go, as you will cruise and trek through the only natural Orangutan habitat left on Earth.

All tours boast responsible tourism that encourages the protection of the environment, respect for local culture and local communities as well as help and protection of orangutans and other wildlife.

Discover, learn and appreciate our closest relatives by DNA, together with the help of local and knowledgeable guides that will make this journey an unforgettable once you look into those sweet and peaceful eyes of Orangutan.

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