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Toraja Tour
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Toraja Land

Toraja Land has a blended culture and natural beauty with fascinating ritual attractions. I dare to say that Toraja Land is the land of eternal souls, wandering spirits and buffaloes. And I still remember when some tourists said to me that among Torajan who still involved with their ancestors’ belief, then their entire life consists…
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Orangutan Tour
2 tours

Tanjung Puting

Explore the rich wildlife of Borneo Orangutan Tour as you cruise in a private boat through Borneo's exotic jungle. Meet the iconic Orangutan and learn about the natural habitat during your treks.
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Minahasa Highland Tour
3 tours

Minahasa Highland

Exploring Minahasa Highland Tour with Local Guides visiting Lokon Vulcano, Mahawu Vulcone, Sulfuric Lake in Linaw Lake, Weaving Center and the Waruga and much more.
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Pink Beach Komodo Tour
3 tours

Flores & Komodo

Flores Komodo Tour is a combination between meeting locals, panorama, beautiful beaches and exploring the Komodo & Rinca to see the iconic Komodo Dragon.
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Baliem Valley Tour
1 tour

Baliem Valley

Baliem Valley Tour will exploring the Dani Tribe and surrounding landscape, walking to tribal village, see how the tribal people live.
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