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Baliem Valley Tour

Wamena - Baliem Valley Tour

The Enchanting Baliem Valley Tours & Unforgettable Culture

Today, Indonesia is known for many beautiful and fascinating things. That might be tourist-loved Bali and its beaches or exotic natural wonders like Surabaya volcano and rainforests that inhabit colorful wildlife. But within hundreds of languages and thousands of islands, there‘s bound to be something unique to discover with a path less beaten. If you are that kind of traveler then Baliem Valley just might make an instant hit on your bucket list. Why? Being limited in tourism while still providing services like Baliem Valley Tour and discovered only 81 years ago by the outside world, it is a place for those who are ready to travel back in time.

The Unexpected Discovery of Baliem Valley

When Richard Archbold embarked on the third zoological expedition to New Guinea in 1938, little did he knew what was about to happen.

Little did he knew, that he will discover what the expedition first called The Grand Valley. The land so pristine and lifestyle untouched by modern age with tools of wood and bone still in action, a place that it is almost hard to believe, hidden behind sheer mountain walls.

From that moment, what green striking mountains kept away from the world, now can be explored by travelers like us as it is still one of the most unique destinations on the planet that will allow you to step back in time.

The Spectacular Nature

One of the unmissable and most notable things here is nature, without a doubt. The highlands of Western New Guinea are perched up highly, kissing the sky at altitudes of 1700 meters providing scenery for its visitors like no other.

But it’s not all about the steep and intimidating cliffs, but thick forests, birdlife and thatch-roof huts floating together with clouds and a Baliem River that divides the valley, all under protection o the law.

Perfect for trekking and hiking, nature‘s paths here are one of the least touched and less marked at the same time. That‘s why taking the Baliem Valley Tour is simply a must, because with the right guidance you will discover much more along the tribal trails.

Wamena – The Gateway To The Grand Valley

Wamena is the main city in Baliem Valley and one and only gateway to discovering more of the area. The city is a simple town with basic facilities and amenities within, and the place where most of the Baliem Valley Tour begin.

Whether you are here for a modest sightseeing, a fascinating festival or breathtaking multi-day treks, Wamena is the ultimate base for the unforgettable and unique journey deeper into the valley, into the past, where we all eventually came from.

Adaption of Modern Ways

Ever since the expedition days, the influence of missionaries and tourism have brought rather intense winds of change to once primal lands. Shamanic beliefs have been replaced with Christianity, while mobile phones are held instead of stone and wood tools with many people trying to open their own business and embracing the new way.

Yet, some villages located more deep in the mountains still prefer primitive lifestyle where people wear traditional costumes and see the days pass by just like they always did. Fortunately, once a year everyone gathers to pay homage to their original tradition showing off their skills and keeping the heritage alive.

Baliem Valley Festival

Even with the modern world slowly, step by step taking over daily lives of Dani people, the traditions are still kept in alive, especially in Baliem Valley Festival.

The showcase that the festival brings is opening the door to the past for visitors and preserving the roots in a way they won‘t go forgotten.

Held annually in the month of August, multiple tribes from various villages will gather to reenact some of the strongest aspects of Papua lifestyle. That not only includes energetic tribal dances, powerful mock wars, and fascinating face paints but also spear-throwing competitions, pig races, and even traditional markets.


Give Baliem Valley Tours A Chance

Baliem Valley Tours is a beautiful opportunity to get the most out of your trip in this once in a lifetime sacred valley. Today, there‘s a perfect chance to witness it all with knowledge guidance that will give you the essence of the past ways.

From hundred-year-old mummies, multi-hour treks through incredible landscapes to various tribal villages and learning the traditional daily life from Dani people, and that‘s only the tip of an iceberg! Fair to say, that giving Baliem Valley Tours a chance is something to consider strongly. Bon voyage!

Baliem Valley Tour

Hernan with Dani Tribe

Baliem Valley Festival 2020


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